is the only veterinary facility in Fredericton to analyse and/or treat wellness; preventive medicine; and health problems using:

Conventional Medicine

Appropriate vaccinations, antibiotics, anti inflammatory, deficiency supplementation, symptom alleviation, blood testing and diagnostics, etc. Conventional medicine therapeutics generally alleviates total system burden to allow the body's innate healing and computer systems to heal.

Worming & Parasite Control

Appropriate worming and parasite control prevent disease in pets and pet owning families; promote wellness; better healing; and protect pet owning families from zoonotic disease.

Nutrition & Nutrinional Supplements

Appropriate diets and dietary supplements to promote wellness; prevent disease; and provide nutients for better healing.

Alternative Medicine/Energetic Medicine

Acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy; laser therapy, allergy testing & desensitization; Neuro Modulation Technique; CBD & cannabis therapy, etc.    READ MORE

By combining all of the above approaches and analyses, Main Street Vet has higher success rates in promoting WELLNESS, disease PREVENTION, TREATMENT of disease, and OPTIMAL HEALTH. We discuss options with clients and ask for their preferences and direction.